VII Blockchain Economic Forum 2019 in Singapore

Last afternoon, Herbert Sim spoke at VII Blockchain Economic Forum 2019, at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre in Singapore.

Alongside Herbert on the panel were: Borko Kovacevic, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft Singapore; Matthew Jordan, Managing Partner, Limitless Crypto Investments; Brad Chun, Founder, Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer at Shuttle Holdings; En-Lai Chong, Legal Associate, Consilium Law Corportion; Tama Churchouse, Vice President, EOS VC, Blockone

The panel session was entitled: “Money 2025: Private banks, Central Banks, or Blockchain Digital Currencies?”. Topics covered in the panel include:

  • Blockchain currency vs Private bank layers
  • Digital Currencies, Central Banks Vs Blockchain
  • VC Reminittance and Corporate trans-border payments
  • The monetary policy and governance for Libra
  • Algorithms and principles of the currency supply
  • The Board and Governance for the Monetary Policy

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