Resistances And Dependancies

The more often a specific behavior is repeated, the more it will form an automated behavior. And, the more time that passes, the often a behavior is trained the harder it gets to change it later. This is of course more often than normal, great.

Remember how you learned to ride a bicycle, skateboard, drive a car, or started to play soccer and became better over time? It was your will that ordered your brain to adjust itself and to form a new neuronal network.

Let’s take a challenging task that you were eager to accomplish. Your desire was big enough to trigger the brain to get you to complete it rather than doing something else. After that, it’s all about trial and error.

You go from failing to learning to repeat and optimizing the approach. It’s an optimization loop. It’s like in a programming language; a simple “if this-then that” request, that is connected to a sort of “Artificial Intelligence” or “Machine Learning” mechanism. Over time and long training sessions, this process can turn you into a professional at any discipline.

I have a desire to pull as many people as I can along the way of me making myself a successful individual. Friends, acquaintances, colleagues, family, any person with an interest to succeed.

Throughout my journey, keeping myself associated with like-minded people have proven to be a vital component in neutralising my outlook on the positives and the negatives.

See, the moment things go wrong, people, including me, tend to dramatize situations to their peak. I tend to question myself often. Still, we all have the ability to reflect and to change our thoughts and subsequently our behavior.

The moment I stress myself out, I am aware of the fact that the brain receives an order to behave accordingly. It’s the same with an emotion such as anger or sadness. It’s an order to the brain on which it will deliver you the thoughts and feelings. Being very aware of this, I then turn to the people I trust with nudging be back on track.

How do I keep sane with all the noises around me?By taking a moment to reflect, by breathing deeply and talking myself out of it and by staying calm. The moment you realize that this bad time will pass; is the moment that you learn to acquire strength during those bad times.

Don’t try to change it – it’s natural. We are not super humans and are, as day and night, subject to the laws of nature.

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