Forging the Legendary ‘Blade of Bitcoin’

In my initial concept sketching, I showcase the blacksmith’s weapons


My latest illustration is a follow up from my earlier illustration of Satoshi Nakamoto as a Samurai, wielding the legendary Bitcoin Daishō, (matched pair of traditionally made Japanese swords).

The story is of Satoshi Nakamoto travelling all the way to Nishinoshima, a volcanic island, south-southeast of Tokyo, that is part of the Volcano Islands arc, to find the legendary blacksmith skilled in tapping into the fiery flames of Nishinoshima’s volcanic lava to forge weapons.

He then tasked the blacksmith to reforge his Bitcoin Daishō, into one big blade, the ‘Blade of Bitcoin‘.

*Disclaimer — These below are my (me the author) creative ideas on a fantasy story. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


I revised the concept to showcase the volcanic cave in the background, along with a furnace fashioned with the Bitcoin logo on it.

Satoshi Nakamoto sits by the side, patiently waiting for the Bitcoin Daishō to be reforged into the Blade of Bitcoin.

In my final illustration, i make sure that the ‘Blade of Bitcoin’ mould is showcased more obviously.

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