Online Community Management Will Be The Next Big Thing

To manage online communities in a professional way is becoming more and more important as online communities of all kinds are rapidly growing and in need of professional community management solutions.

Especially in times where the world faces multiple crises from migration to globalization to pandemics local and otherwise defined communities gain importance and need to be managed in a professional way.

Just operating a webpage and using the available social networks does not serve their purpose of managing their community in a professional way.

There is need for special tools for presentation, professional content often also in form of a own online shop as well as a geographic structure also translation to multiple languages.

Large existing players in the field of managing large communities are not addressing this field of the fast-growing online communities for simple reasons of privacy and data security which they cannot offer to online communities in the way they do with their industrial communities.

Lately, we came across an international patent describing how this privacy and data security issue can and has been solved through ledger and blockchain technology in a very smart and clever way. This invention allows operating in the open space of the internet and online communities still totally guaranteeing data ownership and security along with total trust and transparency when need be and decided by the users concerned. More details can be seen here in the video:

COMPLETE Data Privacy and Ownership of Data

For private users interested in the full range of standard networking and content-sharing services of social media platforms, GLBrain’s, chain-coded relational data structure offers total data privacy and ownership of data. All users who have realized the dangers of the data harvesting methods employed by existing social networks will find the functionalities and total privacy of this new social network of great value. On GLBrain, there is no user profiling, all the information is sent peer-to-peer among users along coded chains of information, and users can change and delete the data temporarily saved on the GLBrain servers whenever they wish.

GLBrain merely rents out spaces in the information tables of its relational database into which users can enter certain types of data and access permissions, but over which they retain full control. Data is not extracted, stored in packages, and then algorithmically processed to be sold off to third parties or be used to push targeted content and adverts to users. Due to the pre-defined nature of the data pathways and linkages underlying the items with which users interact (profiles, blog posts, etc.), the database is fully “neutral” or “indifferent” towards the data entered by users and their activities on the platform.

For instance, unlike most other social networks, where account data remains stored for further use even after the account is deleted, if the information is deleted from table cells in GLBrain’s relational database by a user, it completely disappears from the database and is no longer accessible to the platform or any of the coded chains that are used to construct items.

GLBrain brings all tools necessary for business community management, online marketing and local online entrepreneurship – presentation, advertising, customized online stores, geographical tailoring, social networking – onto a single platform with our GLMall.

GLMall – A One-Stop Shop for ALL your news (Products, Services, Jobs and Real Estate)

GLMall is the first all- encompassing online mall which covers all relevant online user needs across four levels: Products, Services, Jobs and Real Estate. This is where small to medium business owners who have been previously unsuccessful in establishing a legitimate online presence through private underdeveloped websites have the opportunity to set up shops for their products and services to compete against the retail giants that currently rule online commerce.

Small and medium-sized businesses are able to run a complete online shop from their GLMall page. The breadth of community management tools on GLBrain renders the maintenance of a separate website and online store obsolete for SMEs. Once they have subscribed to a professional profile, users receive a landing page and storefront. They can present themselves, advertise their products and services with pre-formatted banners on the entire GLBrain platform.

Selected content carrying these banners to a selected audience can also be embedded in posts and shared on other social media platforms so to reach audiences beyond GLBrain. While a professional profile comes with an allowance of a certain number of offers that can be activated and targeted at specific audiences according to their geography (more information on this below), users can buy additional offers and banner packages to expand their reach.

Given that their online business is co-located and connected with their social networking tool on the same platform, SMEs and local entrepreneurs have a wide range of communication tools at their disposal. GLMall contains four categories: Products, Services, Jobs, and Real Estate. These so-called “layers” can be expanded indefinitely according to customer demand, however.

Highly Sophisticated Filtering for Ultimate User Experience and Search

The geographical filters available on GLBrain allow visitors of the GLMall to see products and services most relevant to them. It also allows vendors and entrepreneurs using the GLMall platform to directly target their products and service to customers at certain geographical levels without appearing in others. Furthermore, users can easily change the range of offers visible to them by changing their geographical settings in the drop-down menu.

If the geographical presentation settings of a local/regional business correspond to the visibility preferences of the members of the community it is trying to target, then the direct commercial communication between vendors and customers – whether through the GLMall storefront or through GLBrain’s other social networking functions – is greatly facilitated. The possibility for every user to see all content in his own language will help marketing in multi-lingual and rural areas immensely.

GLBRAIN, The Ideal Solution for Managing Online Communities

GLBrain is the ideal solution both from the perspective of any organization executing a complex community management project and its local participants. On one hand, institutions have both the necessary certification and communication processes on one customizable platform. On the other hand, recipients will find a high utility in using the GLBrain platform for purposes of participation in the institution’s program because they will be able to communicate and network with others, run their own local online business, share content and experience, and communicate from the same platform still able to integrate all existing communication routes.

The deployment of GLBrain’s customized hyperchain community management solutions for complex social entrepreneurship can already be seen by the example of current projects in the field of local online marketing, NGO’s and rural development communities.

The technology also provides for a geographic-based layout so communities can be managed within their geographic reach as well as in their languages. GLBrain offers automatic translation from content to offers and simple messages in more than 10.000 language combinations.

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