The Crypto Chain University – Blockchain Academic Research Institute

When I first heard about Blockchain and Bitcoin late 2009, I was intrigued by this new technology and started researching and reading up about it.

There were not many resources available for the public, and I have the purpose to develop a resource for all, embracing the theory of decentralization, basically to make knowledge and education of Crypto and Blockchain free for all, as much as possible. With that, I began my plans earlier in January, and I’m glad to share that the website went live earlier today.

Crypto Chain University was named after the University’s intended academical specialization, in Crypto and Blockchain.

This illustration sketch of the university’s arms I produced, showcases a shield with the symbols of a bull, a bear, and a book, embossed on it. It was conceptualized referencing the Harvard University’s Veritas Logo.

The bull symbolizes bullish, and the bear symbolizes bearish, characterized by rising share prices. And the book above both represents the pursuit of knowledge, of both Crypto and Blockchain.

These three symbols are all encompassed within one united shield symbolizing the latin word “fiducia” (“confidence”, “trust”, “assurance”, “faith”, “reliance”, and “security”), and the securing of the latin word “scientia” (“knowledge”, “science”, “skill”, “expertness”, “awareness”, and “acquaintance”).

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