Herbert Sim Featured on CoinRivet, Blockchain/Crypto Week in Quotes

Yesterday, Herbert Sim’s quote was featured on CoinRivet‘s article entitled, “The blockchain/crypto week in quotes“.

“For those involved in the crypto industry, the Bitcoin price rise should come as no surprise. We’ve recently seen perfect market conditions for a rally, and it shows no sign of stopping. The recent Facebook Libra announcement, as well as the heightened demand for CME crypto futures, show that large institutions are realising the opportunity cost of not being involved in crypto, and dragging the market up with them.

Conditions are also perfect for any nervous retail investors considering dipping their toes back into crypto investing. Firstly, the Bitcoin hash rate is at an all time high, making the digital currency more more secure than ever. Furthermore, passing the 10k mark will also trigger FOMO, meaning we could see a large scale re-entry to the market. If this trajectory continues, then 2019 could be a record-breaking year for Bitcoin.” Herbert Sim, Head of Business Development, Broctagon 

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