Herbert Sim at Summit Forum of Blockchain in Southeast Asia

Earlier today, Herbert Sim, was at the Summit Forum of Blockchain in Southeast Asia, as a VIP guest. The conference was co-organized by China – ASEAN Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology Application Research Institute and World One Belt And One Road Foundation; held in Bangkok, Thailand on January 19. Over 2,000 industry representatives from industry associations, world-class blockchain technology organizations, and outstanding enterprises attended the summit.

The summit focused on the hot issues about Southeast Asian policy orientation, application innovation, technological innovation and investment environment of the blockchain industry, and more…

Herbert Sim with other VIP guests

(Left to right) Conference VIP guest, Jianhao Reng, Chief Consultant of Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, Chairman of USCCC; Conference VIP guest; Herbert Sim

(Left to right) Conference VIP guests; Dong Yang, Professor of Renmin University of China, and founder of crowdfunding financial theory; and Herbert Sim

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