The Legendary ‘Blade of Bitcoin’

My latest illustration entitled “The Legend of the ‘Blade of Bitcoin’ Quest”

In my latest illustration, I reference World of Warcraft’s ‘Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker‘, for the ‘Blade of Bitcoin’ that was first conceptualized in July 2011,

*DISCLAIMER* This is fictitious —— FANTASY.

The ‘Blade of Bitcoin‘, the slayer of shitcoins, can only be held by the chosen one, among the highest ranking of ‘Commandeur‘ in the Ordre des Arts et des Technologies.

According to the legends, the ‘Blade of Bitcoin’ was forged in Nishinoshima, a volcanic island, south-southeast of Tokyo, among the most volcanic region of the Volcano Islands arc. The Blade was reforged from the Bitcoin Daishō, wielded by the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

“Shitcoins decimate with the blade, will change into Bitcoins in equivalent value.”

Check out my work-in-progress sketches below, before the final illustration in full color above.


Work-In-Progress Sketches

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