Launch of ‘The Bitcoin Man’ Website —

Who is ‘The Bitcoin Man’?

To officiate and celebrate the acquiring of the domain URL – ‘‘ today; I have attempted to illustrate myself as “The Bitcoin Man” wearing a huge Bitcoin diamond gold chain, styled as Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy, and in his mansion.

Reason I acquired this url, is to redirect it to my articles about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. It is simply to drive more awareness to this industry, something i wrote about in my earlier article, about the one thing Blockchain needs.

As you may already know, I founded Crypto Chain University, in 2010, with the vision of compiling Blockchain and Cryptocurrency research papers and publications. It was targeted at professors, academics, and industry leaders, who are already in the industry or with a certain level of knowledge about it to begin with.

Those who have been following my blog/website may find that my persona of ‘The Bitcoin Man’ is familiar. Inspired by my own illustration idea of Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2014, I took on similar approach of wearing the Bitcoin gold around my neck.

The Bitcoin Man, seeks to target more mainstream, people from all walks of life, through the use of illustration, and subtly introducing the knowledge of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in general.

Check out my illustration process below in GIF style.

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