Herbert Sim at Blockchain Festival Vietnam 2018

(Left to Right) Herbert Sim; Dr Dao Dinh Kha, Director General, Dept of Information Technology, The Ministry of Information and Communication; and Le Ngoc Giang, Ministry of Justice, Vietnam

Huobi Pro was the organizer of Blockchain Festival Vietnam 2018 held at GEM center in Ho Chi Minh City on May 24 and 25.

Herbert Sim, Global Operations Director of Huobi Pro was seen at the mega-conference alongside many other blockchain enthusiasts and industry leaders.

(Left to Right) Christopher Shen a.k.a. Mr Block; Wu Xing, Senior Director of Huobi Pro; Dong Tingyu, Assistant Public Relations Manager of Huobi Pro; and Herbert Sim

Herbert Sim with Charles Xue Manzi (薛蠻子), a Chinese-American entrepreneur & angel investor

Loi Luu, Founder and CEO of Kyber Network; Herbert-Sim; Yaoqi Jia, Co-founder and Head of Technology at Zilliqa (ZIL)

Vuong Quang Long, Founder and CEO of Tomochain

Emily Lee, Co-founder of Blockgame, core member of Topchain

(Left to Right) Harry Xiao, Founder of MeshBox; Herbert Sim; Kraken Yu, VP Global Engineering of SmartMesh

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