Hermit in Solitary

A feeling of solidarity is not foreign to any soul.

The healing agents for loneliness are awareness, acceptance, and compassion.

Sometimes, people try to get rid of the pain by blaming themselves. Practice reminding yourself that others feel lonely, too.

It is part of the human experience that most people share at some time or other.

During dark times we turn to words. Perhaps now more than ever, we find solace in ramblings and writings.

There is much evidence that building a community and providing space and time can increase productivity and reduce solitary.

However strange as it might seem, there are benefits to loneliness.

Open yourself up so that you may experience a sense of feeling connected, and help you to take the necessary steps to reach out to others.

To go to a writing space is not a threat to one’s reputation — rather, it can contribute to a faculty member’s sense of self and public image as a serious writer and continuing learner. – Sorcinelli (Elbow & Sorcinelli, 2006: 20)

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